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After the Resurrection

by Alexander Maclaren

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Jesus saith unto her, Touch Me not; for I am not yet ascended to My Father.—John 20:17.

These are the first words of the risen Christ; they strike one as being singularly cold and repellent at such a time. Their immediate purpose was to put a barrier between Himself and Mary’s clasping hands. It was not like Him to repress tokens of love, or to chill hearts. He had let a much worse woman than Mary Magdalene wash His feet with tears, and wipe them with the hairs of her head. At such a meeting, after such a parting, a little exuberance of demonstration might have been permitted, and forgiven even if it had been excessive.

The prohibition, strange as it sounds, was followed by a reason which sounds even more strangely: “Touch Me not; for I have not yet ascended.” We might have expected that the first “not” would have been left out, “Touch Me; for I have not yet ascended,”—would have been intelligible, as suggesting that for a little time still such tokens of love were possible, ere the great separation came. Mary must have been as much bewildered by the reason as she must have been chilled by the prohibition. And yet both were meant to lead her, with gentle, loving, and yet most firm hand, to recognise the new relation which had begun, and was henceforth to continue. They said to her, “old things have passed away, all things have become new,” and though thou hast “known Christ after the flesh; yet now henceforth” thou shalt “know Him” so “no more.” They were not meant for Mary only. All the Resurrection histories have a forward look, and were intended to explain directly to the disciples, and more remotely to us, the essential nature of that new relationship into which His disciples have entered, and in which they now continue, to their Lord. These teachings, whether expressed in words or in the facts of our Lord’s appearances, are the lesson-book for the Church “till He come,” and if we understand the bearings of these we have enough to direct and to sustain us. We have, then, to deal with the three points here; the touch that was forbidden; the touch that is possible because Christ has ascended; and the lessons for to-day that come from both.



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After the Resurrection

Relive the resurrection of Jesus Christ in this brief summary of the Bible story with Scripture references, lessons, and a question for reflection.The resurrection of Jesus. Jesus was crucified. He died. He was buried. And he rose again. The resurrection is an essential part of Christianity.The Feast of Trumpets is about much more than just our resurrection.Why the Resurrection Matters to You Explaining evidence and meaning of the resurrection. by Bill Bright; . For 40 days after His death and resurrection, .What Did Jesus Do After His Resurrection? For 40 days, He appeared to His disciples, encouraging them, instructing them, guiding them. Here's how the Bible describes is an American company and a commercial website that says that it helps users obtain discount rates for travel-related purchases such as airline tickets and hotel stays.Jesus appeared first to Mary Magdalene and then some other women with her at the tomb. They . References of Jesus appearances after His resurrection: 1.This clip answers the question: Why do virtually all scholars accept that the disciples believed they saw Jesus alive after the resurrection? CategoryJesus' Resurrection was physical. . After the resurrection, Jesus was able to eat (Luke 24:42-43). He showed people His hands and feet with the nail prints in them .Search for Story Resurrection Bible.THE RESURRECTION OF CHRIST. THE RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST Every saints great hope is in the resurrection of the dead!" (Acts 23:6-note).Resurrection is the rising again from the dead, the resumption of life. In this article, we shall treat only of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.


The First Sermon after the Resurrection Acts Before we know about the sermon, we must first know about the day. A few things about the day: It was a glorious day It .After His resurrection, why did Jesus tell Mary not to touch Him, but later tell Thomas to touch Him? Why was Mary Magdalene told not to touch Jesus, but Thomas told .What happened after the Jesus' resurrection at Easter? Christ's story doesn't end with the Resurrection. Here's what happened after, and why it's important.Get sermon ideas from Stan Coffey by 40 Days after the Resurrection (6 of 10). Download free sermons, preaching outlines and illustrations.Easter Sunday Bible Quotes: The Key Verses For Christians About Jesus Resurrection. . And came out of the graves after his resurrection, .What were the EIGHT times Christ proved he had risen from the dead? See detailed timeline of Jesus' 40 day ministry from his resurrection to ascension! b2ff6ad845

Alexander Maclaren


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